etiquetas bordadas personalizadas


Embroidered or woven labels, in HIGH DEFINITION, are the best quality and presence for sewing labels on garments and textile articles.

They are available in different sizes and colors. They are cut and folded in different ways, in order to adapt to the way they are sewn.

They can include adhesive and thermo-adhesive applications.

Request information and budget, depending on the size, colors and quantities you need.

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The embroidered cinterías, made in the same quality of HIGH DEFINITION and served IN ROLLO, are usable as ribbon of wrapping for gift, complements of presentation of products, cover-seams, bracelets, lanyards ...

They give a lot of presence and their cost, also depending on the size, colors and quantity, is very interesting, compared to other options.

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The labels or ribbons stamped in the SATÉN quality, usually white or black, allow a very interesting option, in terms of small quantities and good price, with very good appearance and quality.

Placed in light garments, they give a good finish to the product and allow various forms of placement.

On the roll, they are widely used as wrapping tape, as a gift, packaging complement, etc., providing the touch of quality that SATÉN always offers.

With the ribbons printed in POLIAMIDA quality, composition labels, washing instructions, fiscal data and any other information required are usually made. You can, of course, include the image of the Mark at the most visible point.

They are sewn very easily because they do not fray and can be cut without folding.

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The hanging labels of cardboard recover the tendency of the images and the color. The labels manufactured in all-color, allow to emulate the most visual styles, with aspects and expressions, such as those that appear in Social Networks like Instagram and in the most avant-garde shops, with the intention of provoking attention in the articles to which accompany Great possibilities of very interesting aspects and costs in different formats and sizes.

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etiquetas para prendas baño de plastico para coser


The labels made in plastic materials, for technical garments, bath and casual fashion, screenprinted with your brand and / or indications for use, washing, etc.

Also available in stock, generic models for specific projects.

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tallas bordadas blancas cortadas y dobladas


The largest stock of embroidered labels in white and black. Available

s in letters and numbers.

Child numbers available. Also various options of special colors ... Consult.

Cut and folded, ready to sew. Save time and unnecessary stocks. Immediate service

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