Shipping Terms

All of our products will remain in its place of origin until its return, thus avoiding incorrect handling or storage

In the case that, for reasons beyond the control of ETIQUETIENDA.IT IS not available the product requested in your order, we will offer you the replacement of the product ordered by another of the same price and quality being equal, without prejudice to its right to cancel the order and request the return of the quantities satisfied.

If the delay in the delivery is attributable to ETIQUETIENDA.IS and more than 7 days, it shall, upon written request of the customer, to the full return of the amount pre paid for the goods whose delivery was delayed. Also, ETIQUETIENDA.IT IS not be responsible for any lost profits or consequential damages, direct or indirect, and their maximum liability in any case will be the value of the goods.

The deadline for delivery of the products will be from 48 to 72 hours (excluding Saturday, Sundays or public holidays both local and national). The delivery time may vary depending on the time of receipt of the request, and may be even 24 hours if your order is confirmed within the schedules of the parcel services partners.

All orders received from Thursday to the 16 hours will be sent on Monday, to avoid that the products remain unemployed in the warehouses of transport during the weekend.

Warranty and Returns

If you are not satisfied with the purchase made with ETIQUETIENDA.IS, you have 7 days from the date of receipt of the request, to run the right to return. The cost of shipping and collection in the event of return will always be on the customer s account.

To make this return, the product must be in perfect condition and in its original packaging.

Once we have received the goods and we check the status of the same, we shall proceed to the refund of the amount by bank transfer or by sending in another request for equal features. In this case the shipping costs will not be refunded.

In any case be permitted the return of defective products or erroneous shipments, becoming ETIQUETIENDA.ES responsible for shipping charges, provided that the customer will communicate these circumstances before the 7 days indicated above.